Self Defense University

Be Equipped. Be Prepared

Do you feel 100% confident to defend yourself in a real life threatening scenario? Self Defense University (SDU) provides you step-by-step online training for real-world based scenarios.

Expert Training

Our experts who have decades of combined training in combat fighting and martial arts. Our videos have difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Women's Self Defense

Most women are not prepared for a real life threat. We help empower women on what to do in likely attack scenarios.

24/7/365 Access. No Commitments

No pesky gym contracts here. You can cancel at any time. Not only that, but you can access or training videos 24/7/365 on your own schedule.

SDU is Launching Soon.

Get updates about development and pre-orders/registration.


What Is SDU?


Self Defense University (SDU) is an affordable and educational video-on-demand system developed by self defense experts to help people prepare for unforeseen real-world encounters. SDU is different from other training resources because it is a streaming on-demand monthly membership based video service. Unlike most YouTube videos or cheesy old DVD's, our videos are high-quality, easy to find, thoughtfully organized and our instructors break down each element of key techniques. No more hassle of having to join an expensive gym or dojo, or worrying about if their class schedule matches your schedule. Sign up today, and start learning how to better defend yourself and those you love!